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Counseling Approach

Carol Nightengale, LCSW

carol-nightengale_border Counseling is an interactive joint effort to reach your goals. I am primarily a cognitive behavioral therapist, however because of my experience and training I do incorporate other methods. Teaching specific tools and sharing resources are important. My experience is “homework” greatly benefits and speeds up the process of change.  You are the expert about you and your situation.

I am a Christian and I do counsel from a Biblical perspective. I respect your wishes if you do not want this included in your counseling experience.

I enjoy working with people. I have been in private practice with two groups in the past and in solo practice since 2001. Over that time I have done a variety of work with many different types of situations. I have acted as a social work undergraduate level field supervisor Portland State University.  I have supervised graduate level clinical social workers for state licensing. I have taught workshops in colleges and church settings.

I am married for over 40 years and I have grown children and grandchildren. These real life experiences have added depth and compassion to my professional training and work experience. Hopefully this breadth of experience will benefit you too.

Debby Lundervold, Office Manager

debby_borderI have worked as office manager for MAIN STREET COUNSELING, the office of Carol Nightengale LCSW, since the inception in January of 2001.  It is very important to me to make your entire counseling experience positive and as stress free as possible. I will handle any billing or payment questions you may have. Please ask me for assistance. I enjoy working with people and I am here to serve you.

When you contact us for counseling I will check with your insurance provider or Employee Assistance program to check your COUNSELING BENEFITS FOR YOU.  I will then call and inform you about your COUNSELING BENEFITS that your insurance or EAP has shared with me.  I bill your insurance and and EAP’s monthly.  If there is a balance on your account I mail monthly statements to you. Unless a payment plan has been established your copay is due at the time of your appointment.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we keep your information COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. Our computer and billing systems are protected and meet HIPAA standards.  Carol and I are experienced and work well together to provide you with a positive experience. We have worked together for over 20 years. Please CONTACT ME for any billing questions.